Welcome to ‘Het Land van Kempers’!

We are happy to let others share in the splendor of this beautiful setting in the bocage landscape of the Achterhoek. Main activities at ‘Het Land van Kempers’, named after the farmhouse on our property, are personal development, encounters, relaxation and joy.

Our authentic Mongolian yurt can accommodate meetings of up to 20 participants. We provide our own training sessions and workshops in it. In addition to that – if you feel the countryside is the perfect location for your own lectures, presentations or workshop – the yurt is available for rent.

If, on the other hand, it’s leisure and relaxation you’re looking for, the yurt provides an equally comfortable B&B.

Het Land van Kempers is home to a small herd of five alpacas. You can meet them through a ‘meet & greet’ or as part of our Reinforced Resilience workshops and training sessions.

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Pay a visit to Het Land van Kempers for:

Up close and personal: our alpacas

alpaca, meet and greet, Alpaca 1-on-1 sessions, Reinforced Resilience workshops and training sessions, achterhoek, netherlands, holland

Five alpacas call Land van Kempers their home. You can meet Amadeus Jahaap, Henrie, Arya, Milady De Winter and Pityu during our Alpaca 1-on-1 sessions and the Reinforced Resilience workshops and training sessions.

Bed and Breakfast in the yurt

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Sleeping in a tent, this time in ‘glamping style’; comfortable, snug and secluded in your own corner of the property, unencumbered by any other guests. Our Mongolian yurt is available as a B&B throughout the year. With the wood stove, you’ll be cozy and warm in no time. In this tranquil part of the Achterhoek, the yurt offers a wonderful place to relax.

Reinforced Resilience

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Resilience is a key asset when dealing with setbacks or loss, and a major contributor to achieving success. Resilience will enable you to meet impactful changes lithely, reason why I would love to provide you with the skills for self-reinforced resilience. With an indelible contribution of the alpacas, my side-kicks in these workshops and training sessions.

The venue for your meetings and workshops

host your meetings in a yurt, workshops, company outings, sessions on the moor

The yurt is a unique and exceptional venue to host your own meetings, workshops, small-scale company outings or sessions ‘on the moor’. Free WiFi is included. A projector and/or flipchart as well as catering are available upon request.