Wandelwol? After discovering she had plantar fasciitis, a painful condition under the heel, Marian came across websites about anti-pressure wool, foot wool and runners wool through Google.

A handful of wool on a sore spot like plantar fasciitis can be helpful.

On the internet, you can find multiple providers for ‘wandelwol’, such as registered brands like ‘WandelWol’ or ‘Loperswol’.

Since we have alpacas, wool was readily available here to test this out. It immediately felt good, having a handful of wool under the heel. After leaving the wool aside for a few days, I immediately experienced discomfort again. It’s incredible that a handful of wool under your heel can make such a difference, despite physiotherapy, new shoes, and orthopedic insoles.

The physiotherapist could understand that the pressure under the foot is distributed differently with the wool.

Since my 95-year-old mother suffers from deformities and corns, I also gave her a package of wool. She has been using cotton for years in special shoes, but she finds the wool a significant improvement because it is softer and much more flexible: it exerts less pressure, feels much more comfortable, and reduces pain. She wanted new supply very quickly!