Reinforced Resilience Workshops and Training Sessions

Setback, disease, disappointment, loss, we all have to deal with them some time.

• Challenging changes such as mergers and restructuring
• High-intensity workplace/workload or imminent burnout
• Tense relationships at home or at work
• Loss of a loved one or separation
• Serious disease in either yourself or a loved one
• The balancing act as a caregiver to protect your own boundaries

Resilient people have the skills to pull themselves up again after a setback or stressful event.

Any one of us can name some people who managed to overcome a crisis and bounce back in its wake. We admire them and often feel they’re unlike us, that we´d never be able to have that same response. Wrong: resilience can be an acquired skill.
The conscious application of resilience will greatly improve your response to stress and setbacks. And it’s also a great tool to achieve your goals:
Resilience will determine your success
Resilience keeps you afloat
Resilience will take you further

The ability to bend, veer up and bounce back is a powerful tool and an art that will last you a lifetime.

Learning how to let go better, how to adapt to changes and setbacks will provide you with a different mindset and strengthen your resilience.

The Reinforced Resilience workshops and training sessions are developed to change how you perceive, experience, and – most of all – respond to setbacks.

Resilience is not a can to rip open and soak up. The key to improved resilience is training and experience.

Nor would it be possible for me to ‘make you’ resilient. It has to come from within. The training sessions and workshops will hand you the powerful, practical instruments to enhance your resilience. Once acquired, it´s up to you to apply these skills in the various encounters life has in store. During this process, you will create positive experiences that will give you the confidence to meet them gracefully. Which in turn will allow you to bounce back faster, further increasing your confidence, and so forth…

An extremely helpful prerequisite is an openness to change and the willingness to alter your perception of yourself, others and circumstances.

In the training sessions and workshops we work with the alpacas for support and of course for their sheer enjoyment… Read here how they can offer a valuable contribution.

Small groups

To work as closely as possible with each participants’ individual context, we will work in small groups.

More information?

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Kick-off of the workshops and training sessions from September.

  • Resilience training
  • Resilience workshops
  • Resilience for companies and organizations

Looking for 1:1 accompaniment? Or interested in our primary school resilience programs? Contact us to discuss the options.

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My name is Natasja Kardos. I am a certified trainer and coach with over five years’ experience as a trainer in personal development and effectiveness. I participated in a broad range of courses and training programs on positive psychology and solution-oriented approaches. The past 18 months, I’ve shifted my focus to resilience as my main area of interest.
To learn how to work with alpacas and understand their needs, I attended Marty McGee Bennett´s multi-day clinic in Germany (CAMELIDynamics ) and the AlpacaOord workshop in the Netherlands.

“Enabling people to be powerful is the best thing ever!”

I hope to meet you!

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